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Why the South?

February 18-24, seven 11th graders from Prozdor and one chaperone will be touring Atlanta, Selma, Montgomery, and Birmingham together. In a van. It will be epic.

You might be wondering: why is this crazy Director of Programming schlepping around Atlanta and Alabama with a bunch of teens from Boston for six days? What would make them want to do this?

Well, aside from the fact that I (Emilia, above referenced Director of Programming), lived in the South for four years and fell in love with the people, food, culture, etc., I wanted to  try something new. Domestic trips are less flashy and exciting than ones to Israel, Costa Rica, or Spain–but they offer something different. This trip, along with others of its kind (check out Etgar36 for a summer opportunity), allow Jewish teens to learn about the rich history of our recent ancestors.

The goals for this trip are:

1. To explore what it means to be Jewish in places like Selma, Montgomery, even Auburn, AL.

2. To see, touch, and experience important and historic Civil Rights sites.

3. To begin to understand Jewish involvement in the Civil Rights movement–a complicated, dynamic narrative.

4. To think about how Jews in 2013 engage with current human rights and social justice movements.

(Not to mention: have an awesome time road-tripping with some buddies.)

As we travel, students will post photos, reflections, stories, etc. Keep an eye on this page starting on the 18th for exciting news from our travels.




2 thoughts on “Why the South?

  1. Very interesting; may y’all enjoy your experience and hopefully share with us the expression of Jewish “peoplehood” away down South in Dixie.

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