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A new (Israeli) friend

Howdy, y’all!

Following our departure from Emory Hillel, we piled into Delilah and began our quest for lunch.  Emilia’s Foursquare App, otherwise known as a culinary gem scouter, took us to Seven Hens, a sandwich shop.  The restaurant offered variations ofthe same basic chicken (or tofu!) sandwich.  Each variation was all infused with an ethnic touch from another country.  Collectively, we tried the Italian, Chinese, Mexican, French, and Indian and were very satisfied with our choices.

As the manager stopped by our table to check in, some of us began to notice his Israeli accent.  When we were explaining the purpose of our trip, his face lit up as we told him of our trip through the Jewish south.  He too, was Jewish.

At Seven Hens!

At Seven Hens!

We then broke out into our favorite camp/USY song, “Wherever you go, theres always someone Jewish”.  Our picture with Michael the manager will soon be posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page.



One thought on “A new (Israeli) friend

  1. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! Love the blogposts and love the photos. Amanda, I knew that was your blog as soon as I started reading. Have fun at the Film Festival!

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