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“Jews and Money”

Tonight we ventured to the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival for a showing of a WORLD PREMIERE. How exciting. They had those swirly spotlights out front and everything. 

The documentary, made by a Canadian Jewish filmmaker, is titled “Jews and Money”. It centers around the story of Ilan Halimi, a young Jewish man kidnapped and murdered in the Paris suburbs in 2006. The film was a grim tale of the case, with some shocking details, and a tracking of the history of the idea that “Jews have money.” With visits to France, Canada, New York, Jerusalem, and Germany, filmmaker Lewis Cohen delves deep into the story of Ilan and the larger historical context for the link between Jews and money.

It was an intense experience for all of us. We left with feelings, questions, and a strong desire to explore the film as a group. So we grabbed some snacks and huddled in my hotel room to unpack what we were thinking. 

The conversation jumped around a little–what role does fear, rational or not, play in our day to day lives? How do we experience being Jewish in our communities? What does it mean to be Jewish in the US today? 

Big questions. No clear answers. We ended the conversation on a high note, with a feeling of communal love and some laughs. 

Tomorrow, on to Alabama! First Auburn, then Tuskeegee, and then Montgomery!



One thought on ““Jews and Money”

  1. What an incredibly interesting, fun, informative, and full first day! I am really enjoying the frequent blog posts, and the photos. I find myself checking in frequently to find out what you are all up to. Thank you so much for keeping us in the loop. I look forward to more details as your journey continues. Janis Fox

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