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We are in Selma, safe and sound in our hotel! This morning we went to the Rosa Parks Museum, visited the synagogue in Montgomery, and then met with some folks over at the Southern Poverty Law Center

After an hour drive down country roads (complete with horses and cows!) to Selma, we crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge and stopped by Mishkan Israel. Our guide from Mishkan then took us to meet Jean Jackson, and the time we spent there–well–we were all stunned by how amazing the experience was. Everyone is still processing, so we’ll write about it soon.

Tonight we had our first REAL southern meal–mac and cheese, fried pickles, sweet tea, and all. Now we are in for an early night before more Civil Rights sightseeing in Selma and then we are off to Birmingham for Shabbat!

Lots of love,



One thought on “Selma

  1. Thanks for the wonderful updates and fabulous pictures! All of the blog posts are so thoughtful and well-written. This will surely be a very memorable and meaningful experience for all of our kids. Thanks, Emilia, for leading and inspiring them! Have fun! Shabbat shalom and Purim Sameach!

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