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Speaking Up

Yesterday we visited the Southern Poverty Law Center, and listened to Joe Levin, one of the co-founders, speak as well as an organizer for LGBT rights.

This experience was eye opening. As our visit continues we learn more about Jews in the south and their feelings about the civil rights movement, we have learned that some Jews were afraid to express themselves freely. This has a profound effect on me because the idea of not expressing oneself freely is strange and being afraid to express yourself is even more bewildering. But Joe told us that he realized that civil rights were something to fight for.

Joe and his friend Morris Dees, both of whom are lawyers, decided it to be a worthwhile fight. They go around the country trying to protect people’s civil liberties. Whether it be a case relating to race, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity the SPLC will take your case and fight for you.

The SPLC also tracks the activities of hate groups around the country. Their valiant efforts have not been wasted as their results are very impressive.



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