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Shavua Tov and Purim Sameach!

What a lovely Shabbat we had!

Last night, after arriving in Birmingham, we walked over to Temple Emanu-El, the 750 family Reform synagogue. Rabbi Laila Haas toured us around and talked to us about the rich Jewish life contained in the beautiful building. After an ADORABLE Tot Shabbat service, we came back to the hotel and had a family picnic on the floor of our hotel room.

This morning we worshipped with Temple Beth-El, the conservative synagogue just a block down from Emanu-El! After services, we had lunch and spoke with Sol Kimmerling, a lifetime member of the synagogue and an amazing historian. His generosity of spirit was palpable, and he was so welcoming to our group.

After some Shabbat naps, we did Havdallah together–sharing reflections from the week together and some appreciations for one another. Now we are getting ready for our last day in the South.

In the morning, we’ll go join Emanu-El and Beth-El for their purim shpiel–“Wicked” themed! Then we’ll head to Atlanta for one last stop at The King Center for Nonviolent Social Change as the cherry on top of our incredible time together.

Looks like the weather up there is gonna be an unwelcome return–we’ll continue blogging and posting updates until we land in Boston!

From the Rosa Parks museum--a beautiful print

From the Rosa Parks museum–a beautiful print


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